Capital Commentary is a weekly current-affairs publication of the Center for Public Justice. Published since 1996, it is written to encourage the pursuit of justice. Commentaries do not necessarily represent an official position of the Center for Public Justice but are intended to help advance discussion.
Christ and Crisis
by Timothy Sherratt

Lebanese philosopher and diplomat Charles Malik’s writings from the 1960s provide keen insight today to Christians pondering the relationship between politics, economics, culture, and the Church.

Priests and Prophets in Ferguson
by Harold Dean Trulear

The controversy around the killing of Michael Brown illustrates how perception and history frame our actions.

Kairos in Ferguson
by Aaron Belz

Responses from hip-hop artists to the killing of Michael Brown range from the temporal to the transcendent.

The Virtue of Acting Slowly
by Bradford Littlejohn

What is the benefit of the virtue of acting slowly amidst the uncertainties of international affairs?